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Use these videos and tutorial documents to gain familiarity with the concepts of Structural Toolkit and Analysis by Structural Toolkit.

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General Introduction Description Date Media
What's Structural Toolkit? New A brief overview of the Structural Toolkit software 28 Mar 22 YouTube
Getting Started New The first tutorial to view as a new user 28 Mar 22 YouTube
Useful Features New Several useful features to help increase design efficiency 28 Mar 22 YouTube
Updating Designs New Updating designs to newer versions 4 Jul 22 YouTube
Updating Designs Updating designs to newer versions 31 Jun 17 Document
Network Checkout Checking out a project from the VPN network 18 Sep 20 Document
Printing Documents Printing documents and printables 18 May 21 Document
Member Presets New Member Presets 10 Sep 21 Document

Designing Description Date Media
Beam Design New Different ways of designing beams 11 Apr 22 YouTube
ARR 2019 New Rainfall intensity to ARR 2019 10 Sep 21 Document
AS1170.2-2021 Wind New AS1720.2-2021 Wind Actions 10 Sep 21 Document
Wind Analysis New Introduction to the Wind Loads module 18 Jul 22 YouTube
AS2327-2017 Composite New AS2327-2017 Composite structures (Simple beams) 10 Sep 21 Document
AS3600-2018 Concrete Discussion about AS 3600-2018 (Rev 1) 22 Aug 19 Document
AS3600-2018 Concrete amndt 2 New AS3600-2018 Concrete Structures amendment 2 10 Sep 21 Document
Concrete One-way Slab Examples of single and double span concrete slab design 1 Oct 20 Document
Two Way Slabs Explanation of the two-way slab analysis 6 Jul 15 Video
Piered Beam Design New Designing a piered beam of a concrete raft slab or strip footing 1 Aug 22 YouTube
Concrete Sleeper Wall New Designing a concrete sleeper retaining wall 23 May 22 YouTube
Concrete Sleeper Wall Updated Designing a concrete sleeper retaining wall 4 Mar 22 Document
Concrete Column FRP Determining the Fire Resitance Period (FRP) of a concrete column 22 Aug 19 Document
Timber Roof Beam Become familar with the basics by designing a timber roof beam 13 Nov 14 Video
Post Footing About the post footing design 28 Jul 14 Video
Masonry Retaining Wall Example of a masonry retaining wall design 14 Jun 17 Video
AS2870 Residential Slabs Matching the Deemed-to-Comply slabs of AS2870 24 May 21 Document

Advanced Description Date Media
Using Reactions Updated Using Member and Analysis reactions (V5.4.3 and later) 6 Dec 21 Document
Exporting Results Updated Exporting Results 12 May 22 Document
Linking Analysis Linking Analysis and Member design 4 Feb 16 Document
Custom Steel Sections New Creating and using Custom Steel sections 26 Apr 22 YouTube
Custom Steel Sections Creating and using Custom Steel sections 21 Jan 16 Document
Custom Timber Grades New How to create a custom timber grade 20 Jun 22 YouTube
Custom Timber Grades How to create a custom timber grade 7 Jun 21 Document
Custom Concrete Column Creating a custom concrete column bar setout 23 Jul 20 Document

Analysis by Structural Toolkit Description Date Media
Analysis Lite New Goes through the basics of the Analysis Lite package 4 Apr 22 YouTube
Analysis Standard New Additional features that come with Analysis Standard 26 Apr 22 YouTube
Brace Frame Introduces you to the concepts of the Analysis 2 Apr 15 Video
Propped Beam Design a propped beam (backspan with a cantilever) 15 May 15 Video
Analysing a two span slab Analysing a two span slab (with RAPT comparison) 21 Jan 16 Document
Analysis Print Views New Creating Analysis Print Views 6 Jun 22 YouTube
Analysis Print Views Updated Creating Analysis Print Views 10 Sep 21 Document
Creating Groups Analysis Groups 23 Jul 20 Document
Creating a Haunch Updated Creating a Haunch 2 Aug 21 Document

Article Description Date Media
ACSEV Seminar ACSEV Seminar notes and examples 21 June 12 Zip

Updating and Licensing

For information on updating your version, using or diagnosing the network license, or about licensing options, refer to these articles.

Updates Description Date Media
Updates Updating Structural Toolkit 31 Jun 17 Document

Networking Description Date Media
Network Quickstart Network License Quick Start 11 Mar 20 Document
Moving the Service New Moving the License Service 31 May 21 Document
License Monitor Using the License Monitor 11 Mar 20 Document
Troubleshooting Network License Troubleshooting 31 Jun 17 Document
Updating the Lock Updating the Network lock for a service 31 Jun 17 Document
Cloud License Enabling the Cloud License 28 Feb 22 Document
On-Demand Analysis Enabling On-Demand Analysis 20 Feb 20 Document
User Logging Logging Usage using the License Manager or Service 7 Jul 17 Document
User Timeout Setting the User Idle timeout 1 Oct 18 Document
Silent Installation Installing Structural Toolkit silently 18 Sep 20 Document
Firewall Diagnosing the Firewall 31 Jun 17 Document
Setting up a static IP Static IP 29 Aug 19 Document
Softether VPN Creating a VPN using Softether 30 Apr 20 Document
Hamachi VPN New Creating a VPN using Hamachi 1 Nov 21 Document

Prerequisites Description Date Media
Lock Not Detecting? Change ports, License Manager stopped? Missing prerequisite? 29 Jun 18 Document

Licensing Description Date Media
About Learn about the Licensing options for Structural Toolkit 13 Nov 14 Video


When things go wrong, this may help.

What's Wrong Description Date Media
Project Repair Updated Repairing a Project 12 Jul 21 Document
Fixing Graphics Issues Fixing Graphics issues (Application scaling, crashes, speed) 19 Feb 20 Document
STK Writer Diagnosing the PDF Writer 10 Mar 20 Document