About Structural Toolkit

Q. What is Structural Toolkit V5?

A. Structural Toolkit V5 is the newest version of the Structural Toolkit engineering design package incorporating Analysis by Structural Toolkit. It incorporates an effortless interface and produces designs quickly.

Q. What is the difference between Structural Toolkit and other structural design software?

A. Whereas other design software is used to model full structures requiring much time to produce results, Structural Toolkit is an innovative design tool allowing Engineers to produce a designed member efficiently requiring minimal inputs.

Q. Who is using Structural Toolkit?

A. Many large and small design offices around Australia are entering a new era of design with Structural Toolkit by their side. See some of our testimonials.

Q. What is Structural Toolkit capable of designing?

A. Using the Australian Standards as the basis of design, Structural Toolkit can design everything from Columns, Beams and Slabs in Concrete, Steel, Timber and Masonry. All that is required is simple geometry and load inputs.

About Analysis by Structural Toolkit

Q. What is Analysis by Structural Toolkit?

A. Analysis by Structural Toolkit is a 3D analysis package with a focus on efficiency and visualisation. Analysis operates from within the Structural Toolkit application, keeping all your designs and documents within the Structural Toolkit project all the while retaining that familiar Structural Toolkit feel.

Q. How much is Analysis by Structural Toolkit?

A. The Lite version is complimentary and available while you have a subscription. The Standard version can be purchased at the same time as Structural Toolkit or as an upgrade. See the Pricing page.

Q. Can I just buy Analysis?

A. No, the Analysis is not available without the Structural Toolkit package.

Q. What are the main differences between the Lite and Standard versions?

A. See the feature table on the Analysis page.

Q. How many nodes can I analyse with the Standard version?

A. The internal limit is set at 500, however, the Analysis has been aimed at the small to medium requirement of less than 200 nodes. An optimum size of each design is approximately 20 nodes. (The power of the processor and graphics card may affect the useability as the software is graphic intensive.)

Using the Trial Version

Q. Is a demonstration version?

A. Yes! A free 30 day complimentary trial is available from our Try Now page.

Q. Can I extend the trial?

A. The trial can be extended by contacting support (subject to approval).

Q. Is the demonstration disabled in any way?

A. You get the full version to evaluate, nothing is disabled. Printing does include a watermark which disappears following purchase.

Purchasing Structural Toolkit

Q. How much is Structural Toolkit?

A. See the Pricing page for product and subscription pricing.

Q. What do I get when I purchase Structural Toolkit?

A. When Structural Toolkit is purchased, you get the installation CD with the most current version, and a USB security device. You also receive a 12 month subscription of updates and unlimited technical support from our Support Team.

Q. How do I pay

A. We accept a number of purchasing options including credit card. Contact our sales team for more information.

Q. Do you have payment plans?

A. Yes, we can provide scheduled payment options.

Q. How long does the delivery take?

A. Following verification of the registration details and payment, the package is delivered by Express Post usually arriving the next day (Major business centres).

Subscription and Updates

Q. Why is there a subscription?

A. Standards and methods change to reflect the latest research and design methodologies, as well as computer technology and advances in the operating system. In order to keep the software as current and relevant as possible, a great amount of maintenance is necessary. Subscription enables us to deliver these updates, provide technical support as well as ensuring that changes to the Operating System (e.g. Windows 10/11) are dealt with.

Q. What happens if I stop my subscription?

A. Stopping subscription does not disable the software, but technical support and updates will no longer be available to reflect changes to codes or support for the current computer operating system.

Q. Can I come back on subscription?

A. Yes, see our Pricing page.

Q. How do I obtain updates of Structural Toolkit?

A. You can obtain the latest version through the Support Centre login. The software can also automatically detect and download the updates (requires manual installation)

Q. How often are updates created?

A. Updates are created when changes in Standards occur, features added, or bugs corrected. The regularity of updates varies but generally around every four weeks or so.


Q. How is Structural Toolkit licensed?

A. The software is licensed with a physical USB lock for both stand-alone and network environments.

Q. Can I install Structural Toolkit on other machines?

A. You may install Structural Toolkit on any machine you wish, however, in order to function you require access to the physical lock. The license purchase determines whether the license can be accessed locally or over a network.

Q. Can I use a network enabled lock on a stand-alone machine?

A. The network enabled lock may be removed from a networked workstation (or server) and moved to a machine that is not connected to the network. In this mode the lock acts as a single license lock.

Q. Can Structural Toolkit be re-installed?

A. Yes, there is no limit on the number of re-installations, however you will require your hardware lock as before.

Q. Can I change my Single USB licenses to a Network USB license?

A. Yes providing you have a curent subscription and have more than 1 single USB license (once per subscription period).

Q. Can I have a single Structural Toolkit license on a USB lock with network functionality?

A. Yes, however there is an additional charge (See the Pricing page).

Installation and running Structural Toolkit


Q. What OS can I use Structural Toolkit on?

A. You can use Structural Toolkit on Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11. You require Visual C++ 2017 runtime, and .NET Framework 4.8.

Q. What PC specifications do I need?

A. A newer i3/i5 works great. Older Pentium 4 will be a little slow. 2GB of ram is also recommended for speed. For the Analysis viewer DirectX and openGL with hardware acceleration is required.


Q. Structural Toolkit does not recognise my lock?

A. Check that the hardware lock light is on or try changing the USB port.

Q. I have lost or broken my lock - What happens?

A. If the USB security device is accidentally lost or damamged and the user is on a current subscription, a replacement lock can be arranged free of charge (once per subscription period).

Q. Structural Toolkit does not recognise my network lock?

A. Make sure the License Manager is running and you have the correct IP addresses specified. Also ensure that you are not running the License Manager and the License Service concurrently. Firewalls are automatically created during setup, but your virus protection system may have blocked the port.