What's New

About V5.4.2.2

Note added to the concrete shear capacity design advising the capacity is only valid for the current combination of shear and moment. Corrected the analysis viewer functionality for display of group results; fixed the member break when point loads are present; minor corrections and updates.

For a full list of changes refer to the Change Log

About V5.4.1

Minor updates to AS3600-2018 Concrete modules as well as the introduction of variable and uniform torsional udls to the Analysis. Intermediate results for non-uniform axial elongation was also corrected which could result in a linear analysis failure. And lots more...

About V5.4

This major updated includes support for AS3600-2018 Concrete Structures as well as a number of minor updates to modules. A problem with slow panning in the Analysis Viewer (on some systems) has also been addressed. And lots more...

About V5.3.4

The main components (spreadsheet support, analysis viewer and PDF) have been upgraded. Reactions calculation options have been incorporated and the member summary now includes span. Support for on-demand analysis seats on a network license has also been developed. And lots more...

About V5.3.3

Timber modules have been updated to assess individual k12 values for each load case based on temporary to to design action affects. The sleeper retaining has been updated to incorporate the k1 for for the permanant case as well as dead and live case; the post footing embedment can now ignore a depth of soil; as well as summary improvements to include the shear capacity and reactions. The steel floor, roof, propped beam and mullion have been updated to allow the section to be loaded about the weak axis. The masonry member reinforced shear stability has been updated as well as support for stack bond. And lots more...

About V5.3.2

Due to increased security from the webserver and Microsoft, .NET Framework 4.6 has been rolled out to all executables. You will need to update your Structural Toolkit updater, License Manager and License Service to update subscriptions and features with these applications.

We also note that you may require the VC++ 2017 (x86) 32 bit pre-requisite to recognise the lock. This is found in the login area.

About V5.3

The .NET framework platform has been updated from 4.0 to 4.6 as well as a number of framework components meaning that XP is no longer supported. There are also minor program improvements including a correction to reactions from unopened linked analysis members and several module updates.

About V5.2

Version V5.2 introduces the ability to apply reactions from other floor and roof members (See the tutorial in the Learning Centre), refinements to the Concrete Column FRP and addition of quasi-dead case for timber (refer appendix G1), linked Timber Member analysis dead combination check, as well as other minor refinements and fixes. The Analysis has received some improvements to the move functionality and some other minor interface improvements and corrections.

Read the article on using reactions.

About V5.1

Version 5.1 introduces an extensive update to the Timber Library incorporating 20 additional timber selections (including Hyne, Unilam, LP Building Products, Smart LVL, SolidStart LVL and formwork products); timber service class and variable J2 for certain timber sections; new Steel Library incorporating revisions to the Steel Iw and J properties for PFC's from the OneSteel Edition 7 and associated amended Steel Properties module reflecting changes; Custom Steel sections have E and G definable; auto Page Numbering of Exported Projects; modification to shear capacity of RHS/SHS sections including non-uniform shear; smoother Preview and PDF measuring; and in the Analysis improved corrections (including not allowing Linear Analysis corrections); fixed the sign of the local intermediate rotations; and also corrected intermediate unform axial load deflections and intermediate global rotational displacements for pin ended members.

About Tools V2.3

Support for on-demand analysis seats on a network license has been developed.

For a full list of changes refer to the LM Change Log